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LaChrisAnd Productions

I started LaChrisAnd Productions in 2005 as a platform to begin publishing my own novels, joining the first few adventurers into the wilderness of Self-Publishing, which is now called Indie Publishing. The intent was not only to publish my own novels but to eventually publish those of other authors who have quality material which just has not managed to find a home. It is my intent to add two titles to LCA publishing house before the end of 2013 and to double that in 2014, along with publishing my own titles. If you have a completed manuscript that you would like to be considered for publication with our house, please e-mail me the following:

  • Three chapters from your manuscript (chapters may be of your choosing and do not have to be contiguous)
  • Short bio on yourself

After I receive it, I will send you an acknowledgement e-mail with information on review time. At this juncture of my business, the simpler I keep things, the better.