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Alizel’s Song (Angel Wars Saga) by Bill Pottle


Book Description:

An unranked angel, Alizel, tells the inside story of the rebellion of Lucifer and the fall of man. Join him as he strolls through Heaven’s gardens, ponders theological questions with other angels, and battles against others who have turned away.

This epic tale will take you from the inner workings of the quark to the interplay between galaxies, from what lies hidden in the soul to the fundamental questions of good and evil.

Genre: Christian Fantasy
Publisher: Ellechor Publishing House
Release Date: March 3, 2013
Purchase: Amazon

Praise for Alizel’s Song!

“When Pottle told the story of Lucifer and man’s fall he cleverly incorporated modern scientific theory into the biblical creation story.” ~ Carol Peterson, Amazon Reviewer

“Highly recommended for Fantasy Fiction lovers! ”~Rachel Shelley, Amazon Reviewer

“This book captured my attention from page 1, Cannot wait for the sequel. ”~Linda, Amazon Reviewer

About The Author:

Bill is a martial artist, author, and university professor in Colorado. He tries not to take himself too seriously while his work explores the interplay between religion and science, fantasy and technology, and what it means to be a human. Bill earned his Master’s Degree in Biological Engineering from Cornell University and lives happily ever after with his wife and daughter.

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Rubenesque Rapture The Endurers – Book 1 by Rose Wynters – Book Review

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance and Plus Size Romance (BBW)

ISBN: 978-1483933078

Number of pages: 288
Word Count: 49,547 Words

Book Description: From author Rose Wynters comes an erotic new paranormal series featuring the Endurers. The world is on the very brink of Armageddon. Can these immortal warriors fight the demons infiltrating our world while saving their soul mates?

Excerpt: Two taller, grotesque creatures started towards them, their red eyes gleaming unnaturally in the twilight of the evening.

Shayne was ready for them, an ornately carved dagger in each hand. “You girls looking to play?” he asked, his velvety, deep voice cutting through the night. “I know I am. Look, I’m even wearing my play clothes.” He was dressed completely in black.

The two glanced at each other before charging him as one. Shayne met them in a running leap just seconds before the two screamed in pain. The daggers moved quickly and immediately one of the demons fell, smoke rising from its body.

He glanced over to the last one standing and shook his head in disgust. His knife had carved deeply into the side of his face, leaving the flesh gaping open. Copious amounts of black fluid poured out, and he was missing an ear.

“Damn,” he said as his lip curled up in a sneer. “You guys just get uglier and uglier, don’t you? It looks like your face caught on fire and someone tried to put it out with a fork.”

He could see three more hellions spread out in the parking lot, but they paused at his words. They knew he was an Endurer, with the full backing of Heaven behind him. The evil inside of them naturally recoiled from the purity contained within his daggers and sword. It didn’t stop the demon in front of him though.

“What a great idea,” he growled at Shayne. “I’ll have fun trying it out on you in Hell.”

Shayne beckoned with his hand as he said mockingly, “You, I’m going to kill just to put you out of your misery.”

All pretense at humanity faded. The white skin darkened to a disgusting shade of dark green, and thick horns erupted from its skull. This was the true form of the minion, and it wasn’t pretty.

About the Author : I’ve always had a love of the paranormal and romance, and I’m a true romantic at heart. I love taking romance to the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. The hotter the better! You’re going to see some pretty wild and crazy stuff in my books, so be prepared!

When not writing, I enjoy traveling and exploring the mysteries of the world. I also like to camp, swim, and even fish. I’m a firm believer that life is meant to be lived, not passing you by!

I have several books that will be released this year. I’m currently working on Book Two for The Endurers series. Look for it towards the end of May. I will also be releasing a werewolf romance series, and a book contains four short stories regarding a fairy trapped in our world. It’s going to get very exciting.



Book Review: Rate 5/5 Stars

I completely enjoyed Wynter’s book from beginning to end. From the very first sentence, I was caught up and swept away in a paranormal tale of adventure that kept me on the edge of my seat. The characters are thoroughly developed and background information is supplied and peppered throughout the reading. One of the things I truly admire about a romance novel is a strong heroine. Nothing turns me off quicker than a weak woman. If you enjoy strong heroine characters with a backbone, then you will certainly get that in Rubenesque Rapture with the character Anna.

If you are a fan of Johanna Lindsey’s romantic fiction works then you will certainly love Rose Wynter’s novel. The first of the Endurers Series reminds me of Lindsey’s Avon Series. I
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