Ethos, Pathos, and Logos

You might be wondering what kind of title that is for a Blog. Is it going to be a lesson in argumentative strategies both written and oral? No. It is my platform on which I can discuss the issues that plague my heart. It will be the platform from which I discuss news articles, peer reviewed journal articles, and both fiction and non-fiction books. It will be a way for me to process, vent, discuss, evaluate, and even change positions on any given issue. You see, I need to be pro-active less I run myself crazy with fear and worry. And heaven forbid I should become jaded or pessimistic. I need to ponder information, discuss solutions, and sometimes just vent. You may not agree with everything that I write, and that’s totally fine. But I do make one promise to myself, and likewise to you. Everything I write will be supported with information that you can research for yourself. I encourage you to always do your own research. Don’t let anyone, even me, tell you what to believe. Take the nuggets that I offer and do your own investigative work before making a determination and taking a stand for or against any issue, situation, or policy.

Back to the title, Ethos, Logos, and Pathos, just to help you understand from where I am coming. Ethos is the process of determining whether or not you do, and to what extent, trust the author. In this case, that would be me. It relates to ethics. The question exploring ethos is your examining whether or not I can be trusted to deliver truthful information. I don’t think that will be an issue as I have already promised to provide you with the sources, via Works Cited entry(ies), that I use to form my stance. Logos is based on logic. The question exploring logic is whether or not I am making logical conclusion based upon the information acquired. Pathos has to do with emotional appeal. Some of the topics discussed will be quite emotional, as I do not feel the need to discuss something that does not impact me emotionally, either personally or through empathy or sympathy. However, my stances are not based on pathos. As mentioned before, I will be using ethos and logos (data, stats, and qualified sources) to support my stands. Now, if you do not agree with me or you feel that there is relevant data that I may not have encountered that should be considered in my stance, I invite you to share links to books and peer reviewed journal articles with me. Your opinion without date that I can research on my own will not persuade me. I am a researcher by nature. Provide me with information, and I will gladly read it. So, ready or not… Here we go.

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