The 7 Most Powerful Prayers That Will Change Your Life Forever by Adam Houge – Book Review

Genre: Non-fiction, Christian Inspirational, Christian Devotional


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Number of Pages: 46

Book Description: In so many ways God is always reaching for us. Through circumstances in life, through hardships and through joys. God is an intimate and loving Person, Who is always looking for a way to draw nearer to us.

But if we don’t reach back, we will never experience the depths of a fulfilling relationship with Him. Nothing in Heaven or on Earth can change our lives for the better, greater than a personal relationship with God.

In this book you will discover the 7 greatest prayers that will grow your relationship with the Lord. Being both a study and a prayer devotional “The 7 Most Powerful Prayers That Will Change Your Life Forever” will teach you the seven most important keys to a life changing, heartfelt relationship with God.

Book Review: 5/5

While this book is short, only 46 pages in length, the measure of its cannot be determined upon its length. Only a quarter of the way through the Christian devotional, I am finding wonderful and encouraging insight by the simplicity and straightforwardness of this devotional. Houge writes in language that is easy to understand and really touches the heart.

I highly recommend this book for ages teen and up. It’s never too early to show your children how to and the importance of communicating with God. Prayer time should not just be solely a ritualistic endeavor where we pour out our needs and wants, but it should be a time to join our hearts, minds, and desires with the Heavenly Father so that we bring ourselves in line with Him and His Holiness.

Excerpt: There is a difference between knowing things about someone, and then knowing them personally and intimately… God works the same way. There are many things said about God, but there is only one way to know the truth about Him. God wants that friendship with you, and to enjoy every minute of it. He love you” (Houge, Location 72-76).

About the Author: Adam is a preacher, teacher and Christian author. He is a devoted husband and father of 3 boys. Through His travels he’s seen the need for a new awakening and a new revival: A revival of the heart. Come join Adam on this journey of redemption and experience God like never before!

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